Are you thinking about trying internet dating but don't know where to start? Have you been attempting to find a partner online but have become tired of paying monthly fees without seeing results?

Now imagine a new type of dating website which is...

100% free to use. No monthly billing. No catches.
Contains a unique profile and messaging system (with a twist) designed to get you more dates.
Takes less than 3 minutes to get set up with NO time-consuming questionnaires.
"Drawing from my own (eventually successful) experiences of using numerous online dating websites, I concluded that most of the 'big brands' over complicate the whole process with features and requirements which aren't really necessary. In fact, I believe that only a few key pieces of information, an indication of personality and a small amount of communication are all that's needed to know if someone interests you enough to take the next step and meet up.

Of course the same holds true the other way round; you should only need to provide a handful of key information in order to be picked out from the crowd by compatible matches. Our soon to be launched service at aims to simplify the online dating process whilst also making it fun, fast and more effective. I hope you will join us when the website goes live."

Tim Jones - Founder of

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